Tactical Vest Antenna System

A tactical antenna that integrates into body armor.

Wearable Antenna Technologies Proudly Presents the Tactical Vest Antenna System
Tactical Vest Antenna System

The Tactical Vest Antenna System (TVAS) is a concealable antenna designed for military applications. The radiating elements slide smoothly over the SAPI plates inside the plate carrier, consequently placing the antenna out of enemy's sight, and out of the radio operator's way. The antenna system consists of two antenna inserts, two interconnecting cables, and a cable for radio connection. The TVAS also contains a quick release mechanism which allows the operator to disconnect the system in emergency situations.


Optimal Frequency Range:
30 - 100Mhz
Total Frequency Range:
30 - 512Mhz
-10dBi at 30.00Mhz
Power Input:
7 Watts
9oz / 255.14 grams
Interconnect Wire Length:
Radio Compatibility:
PRC-148, PRC-152, PRC-117, etc.
Radio Connector:
Vest Type:
Any with SAPI/ESAPI Pouches

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of radios does your antenna work with?
The TVAS is compatible with all Tactical Handheld Radios (THHR) that are currently fielded by the US Armed Forces, to include the AN/ PRC-148 (MBITR), AN/PRC-152, and AN/PRC-153. As well as other radios with a 50 ohm impedance and maximum power output of 10 watts. This includes Motorola radios and other amateur radios, however, the TVAS was designed to fit inside tactical vests by conforming to the ESAPI, and XSAPI inserts. Therefore modification may be required for other applications.
What frequencies does TVAS operate in?
The TVAS has a frequency coverage of 30-512 Mhz in order to be compatible with Tactical Handheld Radios (THHR).
Does the TVAS produce any harmful radiation?
No, the frequencies that the TVAS is designed to operate in produce non-ionizing radiation , which is non-mutagenic. Furthermore, the Tactical Handheld Radios (THHR) such as the MBITR that the antenna is designed for have an output power of 5 watts, with the given offset afforded by the armor plating and their dielectric properties, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) will be nominal to the user.
Do I have to modify my vest?
Not necessarily, there are different implementations of the TVAS to work with the common types of body armor.
What products does this replace?
  • NSN 5895-01-487-1135 Thales MBITR Whip Antennas
  • NSN 5985-01-464-1442 30-88 MHz 1 Meter Blade Antenna
Tactical Vest Antenna System


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Spec Sheet

TVAS Spec Sheet


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